What Does It Feel Like When Baby Drops? 7 Popular Signs of Baby Dropping

For every pregnant woman, knowing when the baby drops is an exciting experience. In fact, this event is almost as thrilling as giving birth.


While those who have had previous experience in pregnancy knows what does it feel like when baby drops, new mothers, however, look for various signs to clue them in that their baby has dropped.

As the expected date of delivery draws nearer, a lot of pregnant women can barely contain their excitement. However, there are also some who are anxious about what to expect especially new mothers. At a point in time just before the delivery of the baby, the baby is expected to drop.

What is Baby Dropping?

Before you can truly understand the clues of baby dropping, it is important to note what this event is. Baby dropping is also known as engagement or lightening.

Baby dropping is often considered a symptom of pregnancy and this can vary from one pregnancy to the other. However, the signs that indicate this stage of the pregnancy is interrelated. If you are able to identify the signs of baby dropping, you will know when this happens.

When Will This Happen?

It is impossible to determine when your baby will drop into your pelvis because every pregnancy is different. For first time mothers, however, this process will likely occur several weeks before labor begins. For those who have had previous experiences in pregnancy, baby dropping will not occur before the labor process starts.

You will feel a little different once your baby drops. In some cases, pregnant women complaints will become worse, while others attest that the symptoms of pregnancy have significantly improved.

What are the Signs of Baby Dropping?

Here are a few signs that tell if your baby has dropped.

Significant Change in Appearance of Your Baby Bump

  • The appearance of your belly bump bears the sign of baby dropping. In most cases when a baby drops, your belly bump will appear lower. In fact, this is considered the typical indication of baby dropping.
  • You will start to notice that the distance between your breasts and your uterus will start to increase. In some cases, you will not be able to notice the change, but other people will be able to make it out clearly.

Improved Breathing

  • During the third trimester of pregnancy, most pregnant women have a problem with breathing. When your baby eventually drops, you will find some relief from labored breathing. In fact, you will be able to breathe better as there is no more pressure applied to the lungs.
  • With your breathing improved, you will be able to sleep more comfortably during the night. Moreover, you can do your chores with a little relief since you breathing have significantly improved.

Improved Appetite

  • Just like the improvement of your breathing, a pregnant woman’s eating habits can also become easier once the baby drops.
  • Throughout the third trimester of pregnancy, it may become difficult for pregnant women to eat a complete meal. They easily become full as pressure is also applied to the stomach. Moreover, the third trimester of pregnancy is also associated with symptoms of heartburn.
  • All these symptoms of pregnancy will be reduced once the baby drops and as the pressure applied on the upper organs is significantly diminished. Eating will become easier and you will not feel any heartburn after eating.
  • Your appetite will definitely be improved. However, you have to be wary of eating too much as this may actually make your baby weigh more than what is expected of him or her and may cause difficulty in his or her delivery.

Increase Frequency in Your Urge to Urinate

  • While some pregnancy symptoms will be significantly reduced, there are other symptoms that can become worse after the baby drops.
  • Throughout the pregnancy, you will find the need to urinate more often and this urge will increase more as your baby drops. The pressure applied on the bladder will increase and the frequency of urination will also increase.
  • As your baby drops, you will start to notice that you will urinate more than you previously have during the first parts of the pregnancy.

A Significant Alteration in Pressure

  • When the baby drops, the pressure on the upper part of the body and the organs located there will significantly reduce. In particular, the pressure applied on the stomach and the lungs will ease out.
  • On the contrary, the pressure on the pelvis and the organs in the lower part of the body will increase. The pressure will become intense. In some cases, the increase in pressure is also associated with increased pain sensations on the lower half of the body.
  • To relieve some of the pressure on the lower extremities, you should consider resting and keeping your feet up. By doing so, you should be able to feel more comfortable.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

  • Aside from the increasing pressure on the pelvis, there is also a significant increase of pressure on the rectum when the baby drops. This can result in constipation and hemorrhoids in some pregnant women.
  • To relieve the discomfort associated with constipation and hemorrhoids, you should drink lots of water and eat a high fiber diet.

Increase in Vaginal Discharge

  • When your baby drops, you will also notice an increase in vaginal discharge. This happens because your baby’s head is pressing down more on the cervix. As this happens, the cervix will start to thin and dilate to begin the process of labor and delivery.


Regardless of which signs you will notice first, it is important to note the reason why baby dropping occurs. This process is not a predictor of when the labor process will begin. Instead, this is a sign that tells you that your body is actually getting ready for labor and delivery.

It is normal for pregnant women to feel the signs four weeks before the expected date of delivery. It is also okay to feel it a little later. Since every pregnancy is actually unique, you can consult with your health care provider in case you have concerns about your experience of baby dropping.

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