How To Make Your Baby Come Faster – The Solution You Will Love

Mothers-to-be are usually very anxious when approaching their delivery date. By the ninth month of the pregnancy, the delivery of the baby is expected to occur very naturally at its own time.

At this point, it is better if you make an effort to encourage the baby to come faster into this world through inducing labor instead of just waiting. There are several suggestions and speculations on how to make the baby come faster.


The methods are classified into medical ways and some home remedies that can be tried. However, home remedies have not been scientifically proven.

Medical Ways

Nipple Stimulation

When the nipple is stimulated, it produces the oxytocin hormone. This hormone has been biologically determined to be of help when it comes to triggering labor contractions. Nipple stimulation is done by massaging the nipples one at a time while imitating how the baby would be sucking them.

This palm movement on the nipple should be done for a few minutes while pausing to feel if the contractions are indeed coming. If it takes long for you to feel the contraction, do not continue the stimulation.


Asian women have used this technique since the ancient times. The North Carolina University’s small study has added credit to this method by supporting that indeed it helps to make the baby come out faster. Acupuncture also helps to reduce birth related problems that might cause the mother to need a cesarean operation.

Having Sex

During sex, when the man ejaculates inside the vagina, he produces the prostaglandins hormone from his semen. This hormone triggers labor by causing the cervix to soften and open. The woman’s Orgasms also release oxytocin hormone that triggers contractions. Sex is, therefore, a definite way to make the baby come faster.

Membrane Stripping

This procedure might be done in the hospital or office, but it does not involve any medications. The provider strips your membranes which encourage labor hence making the baby come faster.

The doctor uses gloved fingers and separates the uterine wall and the amniotic sac. Tampering with the membranes releases more prostaglandins. If there is a heavier bleeding, contact the doctor immediately.

Home Remedies.

Take Long Walks

Nurses have advised walking as an easier way of letting gravity bring the baby near the cervix causing dilation. Walking can be a very excellent exercise when the body has ripened for birth.

It positions the baby correctly as well as bringing stronger and regular contractions. However, do not take long, tedious walks as they are going to make you very wasted before labor. Other exercises that can be tried are stair climbing and pacing.

Consume Spicy Food

Doctors are yet to come up with a biological explanation of how spicy foods are related to contractions, but there has been theories from a good number of women who claim that spicy foods helped them get the baby to come out faster. There are a variety of spices that you can choose to eat.

Spiced chicken is very appetizing, red hot chili, oregano, basil, hot peppers, licorice, and pineapples are some of the foods speculated to be of help in making the baby come faster. Be careful with the consumption of these spices so that you don't get indigestion.

The Evening Primrose Herb Oil

This oil has content of substances that the body converts to prostaglandins. This hormone softens the cervix and making it ready for the contractions. However, there are opposing claims that the use of evening primrose oil by women can have dangerous effects. It is also possible that this oil might end up being ineffective.

Use Cohosh

Both the black and blue cohosh can be used to try and make the baby come faster. They are slightly different but are known to be of great help to the Matter. Black cohosh is used in controlling menopause symptoms.

Blue cohosh dates hundreds of years back and has been historically used in labor inductions. Physicians have used the herb since it contains chemicals that are plant-based. The chemicals end up performing the same function like estrogen.

 However, it is very crucial for a pregnant woman to use herbs under a strict supervision of a certified medical personnel.

Castor Oil

This oil does not directly influence the mother’s uterus, but it's the bowels that are stimulated. Stimulating the bowels ends up affecting the uterus because the guts are located very close to the uterus.

Using Castor oil to make the baby come faster should be handled carefully since it might lead to dehydration as a result of diarrhea. This will leave the mother-to-be too weak to manage the childbirth process.

Castor oil does not have a pleasant taste, so it will be tolerable if you add fruit juice or a soda drink of any kind. You can also scramble some eggs and add the costar oil. If you are using the castor oil pills, ensure you take a dose of two capsules each 500mg.


Getting a massage helps the body to relax. Relaxation is very vital for a mother-to-be as it makes the baby come faster by encouraging the woman to take deeper breaths, opening the diaphragm and creating a safety feeling. Under this conditions, the labor comes naturally hence causing the baby to come out faster.

Acupressure Treatment

Acupressure is believed to nudge, start and encourage energy by promoting cervical dilation. The main point is to start the treatments earlier. If the doctor recommends an induction, start the treatments three days earlier before the selected day.

Acupressure works by pressing the pressure points of the mother-to-be which is safe at the 37th week. Midwives reported that these tends to help women to get their babies faster as it either gets the labor going or alleviates pain and any other discomfort at childbirth.

  • You can perform the acupressure on yourself by trying finger pressure. Press the web between the index finger and thumb for one minute and release.
  • Next, rub or press the big muscle between the shoulder and neck.
  • The area between the upper buttocks and the lower back is also a safe pressure point.
  • Finally, rub the inside of the leg just above or on the outside of the ankle immediately behind the hard part.

Acupressure is not guaranteed to work on every woman. Few mothers-to-be might find this practice quite uncomfortable. Note, you should not continue with this treatment if you end up feeling pain physically.


There are several other suggestions and speculations on how to make the baby come faster. I have classified these methods into medical ways and some home remedies that can be tried. However, home remedies have not been scientifically proven.

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