How To Make a Baby Sneeze – 8 Natural Ways To Make Baby Sneeze

How to make a baby sneeze was one of those worrisome experiences in caring for your little one. For us, adults, sneezing can sometimes be bothersome especially if our nose was full of hardened boogies which can be quite irritating at times. Blowing them off was all we ever wanted to do.


But what about babies who we all knew were born without knowing how to blow their own noses? How do we make them sneeze out those boogies out of their stuffy little noses?

Although it’s normal for babies, especially newborns to sneeze frequently, airborne as well as internal stuff can develop along the way. Dust, fiber shreds, soot as well as hardened snot are not only nuisances but obstructions that can make the baby suffer difficulty in breathing and obstruct air passages in their little nostrils.

It is therefore essential to always keep their nose clogged free. But since babies’ skin and the nose is a vital and fragile part, cleaning its passages must be done with extreme care and caution.

Using gadgets and cleaning tools especially electrical and electronic must be properly done and most probably be advised by an expert like your baby’s doctor or pediatrician as well as a baby nursing expert.

Most moms , especially new moms goes through a careful and rigid selection of what’s best cleaning the baby’s nasal and air passages with the most natural yet efficient and safest way.

In order to clear the baby’s nose from mucus, snot and other irritants, below are 8 natural ways to make baby sneeze out their stuffy little noses and relieve them from the irritants blocking their nose.

​8 natural ways to make baby sneeze


Expose the baby to bright light.

As mysterious as it may seem but exposing the baby to sunlight or bright light can make one sneeze. Medical experts have termed the condition as a natural reflex of the body to induce a sneeze and relief.

They further termed it as PSR or short for photic sneeze reflex. Another term for it was the ACHOO syndrome or short for autosomal dominant compulsive helio-ophthalmic outbursts of sneezing syndrome.


Nasal saline solution irrigation.

Using a safe nasal squirt bulb or spray, hold your baby in a reclined position and spray each nostril with saline solution. Look for saline mist solution for non-flooding effect.

Saline solution works better than plain water to thin the baby’s mucus or snot. Follow this video guide on how to prepare and do nasal saline solution irrigation to unclogged baby’s nose.



Turn on a cool-mist humidifier and sit beside it with your baby. Aim the mist just enough so that the baby can catch the mist through the nose and make the baby sneeze out of their stuffy little noses later those snots and softened mucus.

It is important that the humidifier must always be cleaned with a disinfectant to keep the molds and bacteria off. Always changed the humidifier with fresh and new mist solution every time you use it. Never recycle, residue or leftover humidifier solution to avoid contamination and expose the baby to health risks.


Steam with vapors.

Just before the baby sleep in order to help the mucus loosen off in the nasal air passages, a relaxing steam pampering will be most ideal. Turn the showers in hot water and let the bathroom filled with steam.

Add plant-based essential oils like eucalyptus or or menthol to help in opening the body’s air passages whereas the expectorant element of these essential oils will help in coughing out the mucus. Turn off once steam clouded the room. Do not bath the baby with hot water as it may burn baby’s delicate skin. Just sit comfortably with the baby inside the steamy room for about 5 minutes for better breathing rhythm once you put the baby to sleep.

  • Caution: Steaming or vaporizing using bowls inside blankets with hot water may not be safe since it could burn the baby directly with hot steam or risk an accident with hot water inside the blanket.

Elevate and change baby’s lying position.

​When the snot is tight or hard making the baby had difficulty in breathing, a slightly elevated or upright position can help ease air passages.

Put a pillow or folded blanket under the baby’s mattress just level not to make the baby slip and become more uncomfortable.Turning the baby’s position occasionally can somehow help in loosening the thick mucus inside blocking the air passages.


Tickle the nose.

Using a clean and soft tissue or the tip of a qtip, gently stroke the baby’s nose bridge to help in sneezing out the snot out of the nose. Alternative ticklers can be feathers, fabric piece, towel tip, etc.

Just be sure to be hygienic and careful that your hand and tickler is clean and safe not to hurt the baby’s delicate nose and to risk or expose from dirt and other health contaminants and irritants.


Increase fluid and natural juice intake.

100% fruit juice means 100% protection from health risks as it improve body functions and systems. The essential nutrients in the fruit you will provide your little one as the body build up the immune system that will protect the baby from the lurking health threats around.

The more fluid they get the better the chance for the mucus and those other nose obstructions slip off their nose and through other excretion channels of the body.


Comfort and love.

Nothing beats your loving care and attention. Your watchful eyes, caress and gentle touch will be your baby’s assurance of your love. Never falter nor stop in making all efforts for your baby. It’s the only way your little one can see through everything and recognize the way what LOVE means.


Sneezing is a natural instinct that was triggered by the brain to help us relieve the clogging and barriers that obstruct our air passages particularly in the nose. We need to sneeze to help us protect our immune system from the threats of different antibodies and infections caused by foreign objects brought by our surroundings and the air we breathe.

As we grow old, we are taught as a form of hygiene and health practice how to clean our noses to keep it clean and free from all kinds of obstruction and help us breathe well. As we age, we’ve even learned and discovered how to do nose cleaning in different ways and means.

But these ways and means that we’ve learned all our lives are not really that easy to tell and apply to our baby who hardly knows how to even speak and tell us the feeling of being out of breath due to the obstruction in their nose or point to us something was inside their nose making them irritated.

Thus, we are bound to do how to induce a sneeze to clear their nose and air passages. As part of our parenting role, we are bound to do and administer how to make the baby sneeze out their stuffy little noses free from all clogs and obstructions in order for them to breathe properly as they sleep and go about during their growing stage.

Our precious little ones need our assistance, care and most especially LOVE for them to get through obstacles they still cannot do alone for themselves.

Must we let them suffer the ordeal of difficulty in breathing? As part of our tender loving care I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing these simple yet natural ways in order for them to be safe, healthy and comfortable. Did you find our ways helped you and your baby? Why not post a reply to tell us more about the experience. So, that others can be inspired as well and benefit from it?

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