3 Amazing & Practical Ways on How to Get Stains Out of Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are a bit pricey compared to other children’s clothes simply because they were made from the finest delicate, comfortable and skin friendly fabrics essential to your baby’s health and needs. You always wanted to see your baby wear those baby clothes you that can add more charm and cuteness that will always make a standout impression from the rest.


But it was so very frustrating to see them get stained and soiled. Getting rid of all those nasty stains from your baby clothes was all you ever wanted to do. But seriously, how do you really get those stains off your baby’s clothes and restore them looking dainty and good as new? But aside from stains and dirt, it is also necessary that you follow these essentials on how to get rid stains out of baby clothes.

Essential Considerations in Washing Baby Clothes


Longevity and time lapse play an important aspect in washing stains especially on baby’s clothes. The longer the stain stays and dried up on your baby’s clothes, the more stubborn and harder or longer way to remove them. Through time, stain elements synthesize on the fabric’s material creating discolorations, bacterial and fungal reactions.

Sometimes, getting rid of them cannot be done with just one washing or even with just washing alone. But if you can immediately put it under a faucet with running water, you might have that chance to still carefully scrape or chip off the stain off the fabric and at least lessen its penetration and spread unto the fabric layer.

Use Only Mild or Gentle Soap And Detergents.

Commercial detergents in the market normally include chemicals and ingredients that may be harsh and irritating to your baby’s delicate skin. It is always best to read the label and be cautious in choosing only those that are safe and formulated to care for baby’s health and needs.

Use Detergents With Laundry Enzymes.

Enzymes are those protein elements found on most living things that causes the necessary biological reactions. When used in detergents, these elements react by breaking down the components of the stain and unclogged the stained area making it easier to wash, retain its colors and make the clothes last longer.

Enzymes are also biodegradable making them safely return to its natural environmental state. And since it can definitely work well in cold water, you need not use warm or hot water you saving on your electricity bill. Highly concentrated enzyme detergents also save you money since you will use less detergent on every wash load.

No Chemicals Or Perfumes.

Chemical Irritants as well as those perfumes on soaps and detergents can harm your baby. Your baby’s skin and breathing must be free from any kind of obstructions. It is therefore best if they don’t have them.

Low Heat Washing.

Shrinkage is the reason why many chose to wash baby clothes using the dryer. A low heat dryer setting can likewise get the trick and certain fabrics of baby clothes greatly react on hot air caused by dryers. It is therefore best to read and understand the clothes’ washing instructions. Turning on low heat drying will at least offer lesser fabric care nightmare.

Never Use Dryer Sheets And Fabric Softeners.

Allergies may result and chemical residue from these cleaning agents may transfer on your baby’s clothes causing irritations and unwanted sensations.

Wash New Baby Clothes Before Using.

In order to avoid dirt and chemicals rendered on the clothes during the manufacturing process, you need to see to it that your baby’s new clothes must be properly washed before putting them on your baby.

Food stains, urine, medicine and vitamin stains, mildews and mold stains as well as those everyday stubborn dirt are just some of those nasty smudges their clothes may come in contact with leaving those horrible and difficult to remove marks on the delicate fabric of baby clothes.

Although stains may be removed through normal and conventional washing methods, some stains may need to be treated and washed using other washing methods. In order to help you care for baby’s delicate clothes and let your baby enjoy as they shine with their cuteness

Here Are 3 Essential Yet Practical Ways On How To Get Stains Out Of Baby Clothes.


Washing Soda Stain Remover.

Apply the solution to a cleaning cloth and gently scrub stains away. When stain fades, normal wash with your usual cleaning routine.

Washing soda solution


¾ cup of hydrogen peroxide,

1 to 2 tsps. of baking soda

a squirt or about 1 tbsp. of translucent dishwashing detergent

Directions: In a bowl, mix all ingredients until well blended.


Baby Powder Stain Remover.

Your baby’s clothes spilled with oil based stains like baby oil, petroleum jelly and other oil-based stains can be saved by liberally covering the spot with baby or talcum powder directly. The powder will absorb the grease as you wait 10 minutes until settled. Gently scrape with a spoon or simply chip off with your fingers the area and toss it afterwards into the wash to completely remove the stain.

Mixing and chemical reaction can be nasty and unknown. Better trust those that are safe, reliable and proven/tested by experts. Chemical reaction makes danger even for supposedly non-harmful chemicals.


Enzyme Stain Remover.

If you’re thinking of the best and most practical way on how to get stains out of baby clothes, citrus enzyme is the best ever. Using the prepared citrus enzyme solution (things needed & directions below), combine it with a ratio of 1:10 with water and put in a bottle spray. Spray directly on the stain and laundry wash afterwards. Below is how the solution can be made:

Citrus Enzyme Solution


Citrus (orange, lemon or lime) peels.

½ cup brown sugar (white can also be preferred)

1 tsp active yeast

1 liter water

1 cup apple cider vinegar (needed after fermentation process of the citrus )

Funnel for the adding of brown sugar

Strainer (cheesecloth if preferred)

2 liter bottle with wide mouth with lid cover


Chop up fruits into chunks and strips that can fit and fill the wide mouth bottle. In a bowl, mix all ingredients. Do not add further nor multiply proportions. Follow original proportions to get desired result.

Fill the bottle with chunks and peels enough to fill half the bottle.

Add water sugar and yeast.

Cover the lid and gently shake for about 30 seconds.

Secure the covers loosely to let the trapped air escaped and avoid building up inside the bottle. Set aside to ferment for 2 days. Foam will build up atop the mixture.

Gently shake the bottle occasionally to blend the ingredients inside and remove excess air.

In about 2 weeks, the content will turn into an opaque pulp mixture.

Do not throw away the residue pulp as it can also be made for other cleaning purpose.

Watch how its done!

Stains on your baby’s clothes are not only a disgusting sight. It could sometimes be so frustrating on how to get stains out of baby clothes after trying all efforts and means to remove them from your baby’s delicate wearables. But do remember that as part of their growing activities it is but just normal to see stains on their clothes how delicate and pricey they may be.

Nothing is best and priceless than see them wearing those baby clothes knowing that they were safe, clean and healthy. If left uncleaned and untreated can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. It is therefore essential to remove them as soon as possible for your baby to be always clean looking, healthy and hygienically safe and sound.

Cleaning and how to get stains out of baby clothes need not be that expensive and pricey. Who could go wrong if you have these practical ways to busts out those unwanted stains? Did you find our tips useful? Why not post a reply to let others know and inspire them to try them too?

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