How To Get Over Your Baby Daddy – 5 Suggestions To Overcome Bitterness And Become Stronger In The Future

When you decided to have a child with that man in your life, you’ve decided to build a bond and connection with him for an indefinite and undetermined length of time. But complexities arise when your baby is born and issues that come along tangles with your life. Then comes the time when this thought suddenly pops in your mind: ‘How to get over your baby daddy?’ and you need that space in order to put things aligned and be kind to yourself.


During the start, life with him can be that rosy and smooth. You lived along as if you can weather everything that comes your path and that it need only be just the two of you against the world!

Oh well, I guess that is why sometimes that feeling can make you so blind and you forgot what life is really all about. Yes, it’s a fact that life really isn’t that fair at all. And somewhere along the way you might find yourself it’s only you alone with a little baby in your arms!

Once your baby is born, your full attention and priorities revolve a full 360-degress on the baby and there’s no room to neither falter nor turn a blind eye for the sake of your baby’s safety and wellbeing.

Once your baby is born, you will only have the option of dodging everything that may compromise your baby’s fragile condition even your very own emotional happiness. That’s what motherhood is all about. Your baby comes first and second to none! If it’s a consolation, it was the best decision that you will ever made and cling to in your entire life.

If life becomes so unforgiving and difficult to live without a very supportive man beside you, it could be the next big thing to choose a life with only your baby with you while you clear away cobwebs of complexities in your life and start a new and better life journey. It’s time to be kind to yourself when you encounter these 7 signs breaching the boundaries of what you and your baby must deserve in order to experience a better life.

7 Signs Breaching The Boundaries

You’re Doing It Alone When It Takes Two To Tango

Traditionally, many believed that women are bound to do domestic and child-rearing duties. But hey, it’s the 21st century and women around the world have proven their worth beyond doing just domestic roles and motherhood.

Today’s women are very competitive in terms of skills and opportunities from doing the dishes, managing a group of companies, flying a bomber aircraft to running an entire country.

Thus, if some of you women out there are having a partner who is quite a headache and a pain in the butt, then it may be time to kick somebody to the edge of the cliff and show some worth about us women. It’s showtime! Let us show to those unsupportive men how to do the tango the right way.

He Becomes Abusive

Physical abuse in all its form should not form part in any relationship. The anguish brought by him is already a no-brainer and cannot be tolerated. But adding physical injury of any amount will definitely put an end and waste everything you’ve already started.

Violence can ruin everything including an already shaky union. Just leave before it gets to something worse than it. You and your baby’s safety are far more important than that person who inflicted you such horrendous acts.

His Cheating Heart

It’s true nobody is perfect. But, if he disrespected and violated you by cheating on your relationship, the scum is worse than pus and does not deserve a single tear from you. Never even let him have the opportunity to choose. Give him the axe once and for all. Just pack, grab your baby and go!

Trust Becomes A Thing Of The Past

It may sound to be an old cliché, but trust is the foundation of every relationship. He will just be weaving and concocting alibis and heartaches if you feel he is not a trustworthy partner. Don’t wait until you become deaf from whatever that will come out from his mouth. Leave him before your heart gets cold and numb.

He Has Neither The Ambition Nor A Plan To Carry A Relationship

French poet, St. Antoine de Exupery once quoted that “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” If you feel your relationship is never a partnership and he instead go on his own and have the focus of thinking only about himself, better not join such union. Who cares to have a wannabee bum like him? You are better off without a burden like him and just carry on making and planning the future with your little one.

You Start Finding Flaws And Comparing Him To Other Men

Expectations can be so hard to attain especially if you are expecting too much from someone and you try to compare him with other men. If he really does not measure anymore according to your standard, try to get his attention in order for him to see your point and allow him to work it out.

Again, nobody is perfect although one can surely try to be one. But it should not be the case that his imperfections can make matter worse and compromise your relationship. If that happens, try to work it out by pointing to him your likes and dislikes. Most men detest being compared with other men.

But if your reason can truly make your relationship work for the better, there is no reason why he should not at least try in order to please you. Never nag and keep an open mind about it. Changes sometimes come coupled with effort and patience.

He Stopped Being Caring And You Become Unhappy

It’s a give and take cycle in any relationship. Each other’s happiness lies upon each other. But if one stops the cycle, the balance tips off. Happiness is one of the major unspoken signs of love. Love is a two-way street in order for a relationship to carry on. Being sensitive and caring to your partner is the key ingredient that keeps your togetherness going.

But if you find that he stopped caring for you and keeps more indulged in his selfishness, then you might want to consider giving him all the time and space for himself including that space for him to live alone. Go and seek your own happiness along with your baby. Who knows, being alone might give him the thought and realization that happiness is being with you and your baby.

Remember that these signs are here to help you think and consider for you to be well and happy. But now that you have now a little bundle of joy that can fill you with enough happiness and overflowing love, you might also want to weigh things out on how to get over your baby daddy according to what’s best for your baby with or without your significant half?

And since you’re almost in that stage where you cannot help but SURVIVE in order to continue living for the sake of your baby despite these postnatal trauma that normally occurs after giving birth. Why not take our suggestions below on how to overcome these after childbirth blues and continue to give the best start for your baby and the best mother’s love in the world that your baby deserves.

5 Suggestions To Overcome Bitterness and Be Kind to Yourself​

#1. Strengthen That Maternal Bond

Mothers are known to have that secure emotional attachment with their children especially infants. This natural bond between you and your baby triggers endorphin hormones that can make you feel happy and enhance your confidence being a mom.

By spending most time with your baby observing, learning and discovering their habits and features, you will be able to pay attention and be most sensitive to all their needs and enjoy caring for them.

Breastfeed, play with and do activities with your baby to harness further the bond that’s between you and your baby even before their coming out unto this world. Maternal bonds are best achieved, especially during the infancy stage of your baby.

#2. Socialize And Allow Others To Support And Help You

Study reveals that social interaction was an efficient stress reliever. Social connections with peers like mothers, friends and family members can help open perspectives and insights especially on issues mothers like you are having problems with.

In today’s interactive age, online social media plays a very positive role in coping from stress brought about by childbirth experiences. Interactions and message exchanges with others can help reduce stress faster and more efficiently than any other means of stress reduction.

#3. Enforce Boundaries And Shun Away Having That Womanly Feebled Mind

For once, make up your mind. If it’s black it’s definitely black! And if its white it cannot be dyed and made into some other color. If you chose to still live with him, accept and suffer the consequence.

There is no such thing as on and off relationship with your baby’s daddy. It may be true that part of him remains as your baby’s father that your child need to make the baby’s being whole and complete but definitely you MUST not need him anymore. Period!

#4. Brace And Lift Yourself Up

Start giving attention and spend more time with yourself. Say hello to the world! Do things that can uplift your body, heart and spirit. The gym is one place that can not only tone and workout your body but can rejuvenate you in order to give you a much clearer mind.

Another bright option was getting your mind busy by enrolling in a workshop or courses that can take your focus and fancy. It doesn’t matter if you will initially find the classroom a bit boring. Once you’re sitting in a class observing the people around you while retaining focus on your lessons will later in sink into your thoughts as it eat up your time and occupy your mind.

Pay a visit to your favorite salon and get that needed makeover. Your new look will fit you well and send signal a new you is not only from your outside looks but most of all your renewed spirits and inner self.

#5. Pay A Visit To Your Counselor

Postnatal experiences are not something you get ordinarily every day. A professional help you overcome the pressures and release the stress and anxiety. Having someone who can give you counselling and authority over your experiences can help put an end to those ill feelings and welcome positivity and balance back to your life. Postpartum depression can be quite a burden if left untreated. Get a fix it before it blew you further away.

Make your relationships a priority but don’t keep your feelings to yourself. When you're feeling down and vulnerable, it's very important to stay connected even if you really wanted to be alone. Isolation will only make matters worse. Take responsibility by being a grown adult.

Stand up and allow others to support and entertain you. Share your experience. That alone can be a vehicle for you to discover that you are never alone in your struggle and that there are others who are willing to listen wholeheartedly without judgment and offer assurance and support.

Hey, isn’t it great to get going and get over your baby daddy? Drop us a few notes on the comments below and help inspire others.

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