How To Get Baby To Sleep In Bassinet – 11 Top Solutions You’ll Love

Bassinets are the best option when it comes to keeping your newborn close and providing a comfortable sleeping environment. They come with several benefits which include their different models, and variable prices but the most important is the ability to provide manageable night nursing since they can be placed right next to your bed.


The use of a bassinet should be preceded by extra care and precaution to ensure that it is safe for the baby.

However, your baby might have a problem falling or staying asleep in the bassinet. In this case, ensure that you seek clarity from the pediatrician whether there is a health problem with the baby if not.

There are some tricks that you can try to help the baby sleep.If you have been finding it hard to get your baby to sleep in a bassinet, I am going to simplify the whole process for you. You have another reason to smile since your baby will never make your night a night mare. Just follow me!

Comforting The Baby, How Should This Be Done? Well...

Patting The Baby's Back

Gentle pats on the baby's back provide comfort whether you turn and pat him while still in the bassinet or on your shoulder shortly before laying him on the bassinet. After your baby is comfortable, you must put back the baby in the bassinet while lying on his back.

  • Note: It is important to put your baby on his back to avoid the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk, which is at high chances when he is on his stomach or side.

Rocking The Baby

Rocking is a sure way to induce sleep since it has a soothing sensation. This can be achieved by a bassinet that is placed on a rocker or by picking up the baby and arms rocking him. Rocking the baby in the bassinet is preferable since it does not disrupt him from sleeping.

  • Note: the baby should strictly not fall asleep while being held as this tends to create a certain comfort to the baby which will not allow him to sleep when put down.

Make Soft Shushing Sounds

A smooth, comforting, noise is a natural way to induce sleep as it creates a soothing environment around the baby. Shushing can be incorporated with swift movements.

  • Note; Shushing can be replaced by a soft soothing tune that is not too loud to startle the baby.


A warm and secure blanket can be swaddled around the newborn since it helps your baby have peaceful and longer sleep. Swaddling involves several steps.

  • Swaddle the baby, spread down a light blanket.
  • Fold a corner of the blanket.
  • Lay the baby on it with the folded corner as his pillow.
  • Fold a side of the blanket over the baby's chest and the bottom side of the baby's feet so that it can be tucked up on the shoulder.
  • Lastly, fold the remaining side carefully over his chest and it is done. Check the baby and make sure the snug is not too tight.

Creating an ideal condition for sleeping after comforting the baby.

Feel The Baby's Skin

Any abnormal body temperature change will make the baby uncomfortable. Before the baby falls asleep, make sure you touch and feel his body temperature from the legs to the forehead. The bassinet should only have the required baby beddings to reduce cumbersomeness.

Regardless of the prevailing conditions, if the baby feel hot or warm you should act accordingly. The baby itself should indicate what it is feeling. If you are not sure of how the baby is feeling, it would be wise to use a thermometer.

  • Note: if any part of the baby feels hot, reduce clothing. If it is colder, add the appropriate clothing.

Make Sure The Baby Is Full

Pangs of hunger cannot spare even a baby. You risk being woken up by screams or worse, the baby will not sleep at all. Feed the baby well when it's about bedtime and burp him to remove the gas. A full stomach can be of help when it comes to soothing your baby and help him sleep longer. However, you should not overfeed your babay.

Check And Change The Diaper.

A diaper has an ability to cause a discomfort to the newborn especially if it is wet or simply soiled. To avoid baby cries and fussiness, check his diaper and change it if necessary before laying him in the bassinet.

You would also not be happy in wet or soiled diapers so check it before letting your baby sleep if you at all want your baby to enjoy the night and also for you have a peaceful sleep.

Reduce The Room Lights.

Personally, I find it simpler to sleep when my room is dark. This is similar to any baby. A little bit of darkness triggers our mind that we are supposed to sleep. Dimming the lights in the room where the bassinet is can help the baby to sleep.

Total darkness is not recommended. You can ensure that there is a dim light that will enable you to see and nurse the baby at night.

Ensure That The Room Temperatures Are Okay

The temperature for a baby's room should be seventy-nine degrees. This way the environment won't be too cold or hot for your baby.

  • Note: thermostats, fans, heaters and air conditioners come in handy when there is need to control the room temperature. You should be very careful when handling these temperature controllers around the baby.

Hang Up An Attractive Toys Above The Bassinet.

An attractive toy over the bassinet will catch the baby's eye. This will be enjoyable as she slowly sleeps off.

  • Note: the toy should be carefully far from the baby's reach as its contact with the baby can be predictably fatal.

Drop A Soothing Scent To The Bassinet.

Baby friendly scented oils are available around you. Try using these scents to make your baby bassinet mattress have a heavenly smell before you put the baby it in to sleep. These scents can be chosen from a variety of collections ranging from neroli, ginger, geranium, rose, sandalwood and many others.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Baby

Check for the approval of the bassinet by the relevant authorities, a recalled bassinet means it's not safe for your baby. You should, therefore, stay away from such that carry a warning background history.

Follow The Setup Instructions.

The manufacturer must provide a logical setup that has to be followed. If you do not follow these instructions, you risk harming your newborn in case of an accident related to clumsiness. Recheck the bassinet carefully before you finally declare that it’s safe for the baby to sleep in.

Retain The Bare State Of The Bassinet.

Stuffing the bassinet can result to suffocation or choking of the baby. Apart from the original mattress, you should remove all other unnecessary additions before the baby is put to sleep.

  • Note: you should dress your newborn in the correct night gear especially after checking his temperature. This helps to avoid other unnecessary additional beddings and also helps to use a lighter blanket. Ensure that the blanket used is tightly tucked in a way that the baby will not pull it over dangerously.


This information should help you make your baby sleep in a bassinet. Sometimes it can be challenging, but with this information, you should be putting your baby to sleep in a bassinet without difficulties. As you do this, ensure the safety of the baby by taking all the precautions outlined in this guide. Otherwise, have a peaceful and nice sleeping.

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