How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Hair? Tricks And Tips That You Need To Know

Are you worried about the hygiene of your baby’s hair? Well, the good thing is, you are not alone in this thoughtful process. Several other mothers out there share the same concern with you.


As a mother, I understand that some substances can be hard to remove from your baby’s hair. For instance, due to its unique composition, baby oil can strongly adhere to hair strands, making it very hard to remove. Sometimes, it will take a combination of several ways to completely get rid of baby oil out of your baby’s hair.

Just a quick recap, it is good to be aware that your infant’s hair starts growing right in your womb. During birth, some babies might be born bald while others could have a thick mane. In all of these cases, you should never get worried on how to remove substances such as baby oil from the baby’s scalp and hair. I have a detailed process of getting rid of baby oil regardless of the baby hair type. Let’s see how and with what.

Products to Use on Baby Hair

First and foremost, you have to carefully choose the right conditioner and shampoo. If you want to really remove baby oil from the baby’s hair, you have to get the right cleansers. How do you choose the right cleanser? Well, let’s see.

  • Every time you go out shopping, ensure that you buy products meant for babies only. Such products are not laced with chemicals so no eye or skin irritation will occur to your baby
  • Choose only trusted brands. Most of them are safe enough for delicate bodies
  • Shampoos for baby’s should not have a high PH balance
  • Select mild scented shampoos like jojoba and lavender because these will help your baby relax and also sleep after the cleaning

What If Your Baby Has Fussy Hair?

It is quite obvious that there is no baby that is perfectly similar to the other one. Therefore, even their hair patterns differ. I am going to discuss on how to remove baby oil from the two main types of hair found with babies. Here they are:

Thick Tangled Hair

If your baby is born with a head full of curly tresses, it means that this kind of hair will always be tangled. If this is the case, you have to use an ideal conditioner if you want all of the baby oil out.

  • Instead of just using shampoos to clean the hair, try using warm water with a conditioner follow up. A good hair conditioner will get rid of the oil and also keep the hair soft.
  • If you have chosen a spray conditioner, make sure to spray at the edges and in places where the hair might end up getting knotty. This will lessen efforts required when combing the hair.
  • Matting can also be very annoying. To prevent this, babies with this kind of hair should be washed often

Sparse Hair

You have no need to worry if your baby does not have a lot hair. Most babies are on this category and grow hair later. If your baby has thin, grizzly hair, keep the wash to a minimum

  • Wash their hair only once a week and in any other case, not more than twice.
  • If there is no hair at all, keep the scalp clean to ensure that healthy hair grows later.

How to Wash Your Baby’s Hair

As in everything that concerns babies, you have to take extra care and tenderness when you will be washing your baby’s hair. Why not try this method and see how it is going to work out for your baby

First and foremost, make the environment as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the bathroom is warm and use all of the accessories that you baby likes to make it comfortable. Detachable shower heads are also perfect for such an undertaking. Things You'll Need

  • Dish washing soap
  • Baby shampoo
  • ​Glycerin soap
  • ​Lemon juice
  • ​Baby powder
  • ​Dandruff treatment shampoo

Shampoo the baby’s hair with baby shampoo. Preferably, this shampoo should be manufactured by the same company as the baby’s oil. It should also be designed to remove baby oil from the hair. How exactly should this be done?

The baby should be shampooed gently to get rid of the oil and scales that might be on the scalp. This technique is meant to remove baby oil and any type of natural oils that might build up and result dead skin cells which can stick on the scalp and result to scales

  • While shampooing the hair, make sure to massage the scalp gently so as to loosen the scales. This should be done gently with your fingers, bristled baby brush or a soft cloth. Never scrub the baby’s head too hard since this could result to injuries.
  • Make sure not to use shampoos that are meant for dandruffs. They may have chemicals that could hurt your baby if absorbed by the skin.
  • Once you are done with the shampooing, remove all the shampoo from the baby’s hair since it could result to irritation.
  • Shampoo the baby’s hair on a daily basis.

Then, apply some dish washing detergent or soap to the hair. You might be questioning why you should use this on your baby. The point here is that the baby oil will bond with the soap or detergent, removing it from the hair.

Apply some glycerin soap on the baby’s hair. Get mild scented or non fragrance soap with no dyes. Such baby soaps can be found in natural and healthy food stores.

Wash the baby’s hair with a dandruff treatment shampoo. Such shampoos have the capacity to penetrate hair shafts which will help remove baby oil from them.

Pour some lemon juice over the baby’s hair. The mild acidity will also help in remove most of the oil from the hair. If you are going to use lemon juice, shampoo the hair afterwards

Sprinkle some baby powder on the baby’s hair. It can also help in absorbing baby oil. Once sprinkled, comb the hair carefully soaking it with baby oil. After combing it for some time, shampoo the hair to remove the powder.


  • After removing baby oil from the baby’s hair, apply a deep conditioner. This should be done to remove treatments such as dandruff-treatment shampoo and lemon juice which could dry up the baby’s hair.

These tips will make it easy and also enjoyable to clean your baby’s hair. To completely get rid of the baby oil, ensure that you often clean the hair. Do not also forget to wash off all the treatments from the baby’s hair because they could result to infections if let on the baby’s scalp. Happy bath time!

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