5 Amazingly Simple Ways on How to Clean Newborn Tongue & Avoid Mouth Thrush

Your baby’s health is always prime. And one way to protect your baby from germs and bacteria was to always keep them clean. The mouth is one part of our baby’s body part that we need to clean regularly to avoid formation of oral thrushes and keep it free from germs and bacteria that can cause health problems to your precious little one. Your baby’s mouth thrushes were normally milk residue and food particles that were left and formed on the baby’s tongue pad.


But how to clean a newborn tongue is not something taught to us initially when we became parents and certainly not really a piece of cake. It is therefore a challenge to every new parent like us how to clean a newborn tongue.But we need to do it no matter what.

To help you pass this ordeal of our parenting duty, we will guide steps on how to clean newborn tongue and listed down these 5 amazingly safe ways on how to clean newborn tongue.

Steps on How to Clean Newborn Tongue

Step 1​: Thoroughly wash your hands and fingers clean with soap and water. Make sure your nails are trimmed and cut to ensure no rough edges will hurt your baby’s mouth area.​

Step 2: Roll enough length of the cloth or sterilized gauze or cotton to cover the index finger you’re going to use in cleaning your baby’s tongue. Some drugstores cater for ready-made or specially designed finger cloths for this purpose. You might want to inquire to save you time in securing and fastening the gauze in your finger.

Step 3: Moisten the gauze, cloth or cotton wrapped index finger by dipping it in warm water.

Step 4: Hold your baby in the cradle position. Cradling was the best position for the baby to feel your warmth and security and avoid them the feeling of agitation while cleaning their tongue.

Step 5: Gently open your baby’s mouth using your fingers as you insert your finger with the gauze cleaner.

Step 6: Once the finger cleaner was inside, gently and carefully scrape the baby’s tongue pad using circular motion paying attention to scrape most of the mouth thrush in the tongue.

Step 7: Continue cleaning by rolling and massaging unto your baby’s gums, inside cheeks and teeth. Scraping out most of thrush will likely prevent germs and bacteria from thriving in your baby’s tongue and keep it clean and prevent bacteria build up.

5 Amazingly Safe Ways On How To Clean Newborn Tongue


Clean Using Sterile Cleaners

Over the counter sterile cleaners like surgical gauze or fiber cloth can be used in cleaning and getting rid of the accumulated mouth thrush in your baby’s tongue. Follow these simple steps to clean your baby’s tongue.


Clean Using Soft Baby Cloth

Using a clean and sterilized baby cloth follow the same procedure above to clean your baby’s tongue.

  • Precaution: For sterile gauze or other disposable tongue cleaner, dispose the cleaner after every use and never recycle or use it again for sanitary purposes. For cloth cleaners, use only sterilized or totally washed cloths to avoid contaminants.

Watch this video tutorial on how to properly do the steps on how to clean newborn tongue using baby cloth:


Clean Using Soft Silicon Baby Toothbrushes Cleaners

Although newborns hardly have any teeth yet to brush with, using soft silicon baby toothbrushes can do the ideal trick of scraping most oral thrushes on infants. Chose only non-fluoridated and the softest silicon baby toothbrushes which are normally available on drugstores.

Always insist the one available and safe for newborns. Follow the steps 3 until 7 of above mentioned steps of this article. The textures of silicon baby toothbrushes were almost similar to the baby’s feeding bottle nipples thus they would most likely be sucking it instead. Just make sure your finger grip it good to get all the thrush out and avoid slipping from your finger.

  • Precaution: Never use fluoridated baby products in cleaning your baby’s mouth or tongue, the chemicals in these products may be harmful to your baby when ingested. Sterilize silicone brushes before and after use. Dispose whenever necessary.


Clean Using Hygienic Cotton Swabs

Step 1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Step 2. Get a cotton swab stick and moist it by dipping in lukewarm water.

Step 3. Holding the cotton swab in one hand, cradle your baby in another hand. Cradling can offer your baby that warmth, comfort and assurance avoiding agitation during the cleaning process.

Step 4. Using the tip of the cotton swab, dab or touch the tip of the baby’s lips to open up. Sensing, the tip of the cotton swab on the lips, your baby will most likely open up its mouth thinking there is food coming through.

Step 5. Gently slid the cotton swab unto the tongue and softly scrape the thrush out.

Step 6. Repeat the processes until the thrush are significantly reduced.

  • Precaution: Dispose the used cotton swabs immediately. Never recycle or use each cotton swab multiple times to avoid infection and contamination.


Prevention Is Best Than Having It

As a general rule of thumb, it is always to practice the following to keep your baby away from developing oral thrush that can expose them to different health risks.

General Ways to Help Prevent Thrush Development in Babies

Practice Hygiene

Keeping baby clean as well as their surroundings, toys and everything they are using especially the ones they normally put on their mouth must be cleaned, sanitized and sterilized to keep off germs and bacteria. Always wash hands especially when feeding, touching or holding your baby. It is better to be safe than regret it later.

Limit Or Avoid Sugar In Your Baby’s Food And Drinks

Sugar triggers the growth of yeast that caused the formation of thrush in your baby’s tongue.

Give Water Every After Feeding

Although breastmilk is sufficient enough to nourish your newborn, giving water especially to formula fed babies and on the onset of eating solids will be of much help in breaking down sugars. Water every after feeding time can at least wash off some of the sugars in their mouth brought by the food they have just ingested.

What Happens If You Fail Cleaning Baby’s Tongue

Failure to clean your baby’s tongue exposed your baby into health certain risks. Among them are:

Germs And Bacteria Thrive

Accumulated oral mouth thrushes are haven to illness-causing germs and bacteria.

Weaken Baby’s Immune System

The yeast fungus present that thrived on oral thrush weakens the level of healthy bacteria that greatly affect the baby’s immune system.

Develop Poor Appetite

Due to irritations, your baby may lose its appetite and risking health due to poor nutrition.

Affect Food Taste

Due to the yeast infection, oral thrush can disrupt and affect your baby’s taste buds resulting to food rejection and intake.

Burning Sensation

This sensation can likewise transfer to lactating mothers and may occure during and after breastfeeding.

Mouth Sores

Oral thrush in baby’s tongue may cause irritating mouth sores that can affect your baby’s food intake and lactation. It also can result to bleeding instances in the mouth due to the weakened mouth tissues.

Diaper Rash

Due to the yeast infection developed on the mouth thrush, the same will also proliferate in the baby’s stool resulting to the development of diaper rash that will irritate your baby.

Why The Need To Clean Your Newborn Baby’s Tongue??

Although it is advisable to clean and wash your baby’s tongue every after feeding. But since your baby was sleeping most of the time and disturbing them just to clean their tongue may not be that necessary.

Cleaning your baby’s mouth at least once a day using any of the above techniques will greatly help in keeping their mouth clean and avoid the thriving of harmful germs and bacteria and help in the prevention and development of serious health conditions that will alter their growth and disrupt enjoying their comfort.


​If despite your best efforts, the problems or discomfort persists, it is always advisable that the professional help of your doctor was always an option to take than risk the baby just because you fail on how to clean newborn tongue like your baby.

As a loving parent, you do not want to see your baby suffer the above ordeals and would do everything to spare your baby from having any kind of suffering and discomfort. It is therefore essential to keep your baby clean especially their tongue and prevent these undesirable aftermath.

Did you find this article useful? Why not share your insights by posting a comment to let us know your thoughts?

Did you find this article useful? Why not share your insights by posting a comment to let us know your thoughts?

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