How Many Swaddle Blankets Do I Need: An Answer You Never Expected!

By now, you are already aware that swaddling recreates the comfort of the womb and also give the baby a chance to feel comfortable and also pacify him to sleep. What mothers forget more often is that buying the right swaddling blanket for the baby is key to ensuring comfort.


On this article, I have decided to dedicate a few minutes to discuss from my experience what you will need to know before or when buying a swaddle blanket. You found yourself reading this because, perhaps you want to know how many swaddle blankets you need to buy for your baby, what material it should be made or even when you should stop swaddling him. Well, this is a well of knowledge, and I am sure that by the end of this reading you will be a better mother. Read on

Why In The First Place Should You Even Buy a Swaddle Blanket?

Well, the arrival of a newborn dictates that a mother has to stack up several things that will make the baby feel comfortable as when in the womb. A swaddle blanket will allow your baby feel comfortable and secure especially when you put him to sleep. Swaddle blankets will soothe the baby, which prevents over stimulation and also jerky movements which doctors refers to us startle reflex or Moro which end up awakening the baby.

A Point To Note

Before we even start discussing the most important questions such as how many swaddle blankets do I need, it is important that you note this. Be sure whether your baby loves being swaddled or not. I am saying this because some babies will just start wriggling at the site of a swaddle blanket.

However, this will be rare because most swaddle blankets are lightweight and soft. They are also thin in such a way that they can be comfortably wrapped around the baby. This is all that you need to know when time to buy a swaddle blanket for your baby comes.

How Many Swaddle Blankets Do I Need For My Baby?

There is no magical answer or number to this question. Why do I say this? Well, the needs for every baby and family are different. Instead of concentrating on a particular number, there are several questions you need to answer to have a clue of what you need.

  • How many babies are you caring for? Occasionally mothers and caregivers will be in charge of more than one baby.
  • How often do you do your laundry or that of the baby?
  • Does your baby often spit or throw out food?
  • How often does the baby soil blankets when doing diaper changes or when he is asleep?

Many mothers might have answers to some of these questions, for instance, question 3 and 4. Well, that is okay. Once the baby comes, you should be in a position to determine their answers then decide whether you need to add swaddle blankets or not. If you are aware of the number of times you do your baby’s laundry (recommended once per day), you will have a rough idea on the number of swaddle blankets you will need to operate smoothly.

If you will just be caring for a single baby and you do your laundry only once in a day, then, you should consider having at least four swaddle blankets. If your laundry time is a little bit sporadic, you could consider having more than these to ensure that your baby is always comfortable.

How did I arrive at four blankets? Well, that was easy when putting into comparison with the times a baby should be fed in a single day. Many doctors conquer that you should feed your baby after every 2 to 3 hours. Considering that you feed him after every 2 hours, it translates to about eight feedings in a single day. Though each feeding will not result to a dirty blanket, there are several other ways the swaddle blanket can become dirty. For this and other reasons, you should have at least four swaddle blankets in your home.

On instances where a mother or a caregiver is taking care of more than one baby, she should carefully make her decision based on her own needs or get some advice from this. It isn’t rocket science! You just need to know your schedule too well.

If your baby is born bigger than normal – which is not a bad thing, you should consider buying modern swaddle blankets from Halo Sleepsack or swaddle Me because they have a Velcro which safely secures the baby when he is asleep. As the baby gets to a month old, you should consider having at least two of these blankets to rotate them with the ones you had already bought earlier. Though they are expensive, they are worth the investment because when one is wet, you can use the other. This way, whether big or small, your baby will always have a swaddle blanket to keep him warm and secure.

As I conclude, I would like to stress that all new mothers or caregivers should have at least four traditional swaddle blankets before the baby is born. As the baby gets older, it is time to buy bigger and modern swaddle blankets. Though babies will outgrow their swaddle blankets, you should not count it as a loss to have several because they can be used for other need such as shade cover, burping cloth or even use them as changing sheets.

Above All Things, Choose The Right Type and Style

The market today is full of swaddle blankets from special swaddle blankets to simple receiving blankets. It is good to bear in mind that traditional swaddle blankets are smaller when compared to modern ones which make the wrapping work easy when using the modern ones. The most important thing is making the right decision because no matter how many swaddle blankets you have bought, getting the wrong ones implies zero work.

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