The 5 Best Swaddle Blankets in 2017 – Don’t Buy a Swaddle Blankets Until You Read This

Comforting a new born baby has always been a challenge to many mothers and caregivers. However, swaddling has been for centuries to calm babies and also help them to sleep easily. A good swaddle blanket should be smooth and warm enough to provide a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby.


With so many swaddle blankets to choose from in the market, it can be hard for a mother to make the right decision. This guide has been developed for you to have an insight of what is available out there in the market. Consult this buying guide for the features and your baby’s needs. Before making that final decision, it would be good to first have a look at some of the best swaddle blankets out there.

First and foremost, what is swaddling?

It is basically the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a swaddle blanket for security and warmth. It also plays an important role in preventing your baby from being startled by its own reflex. Additionally, it will help your baby stay warm until his thermostat starts working by itself.

What to consider when buying a swaddle blanket for your baby.

You can be sure that the market is filled with hundreds of swaddle blankets which makes it hard for you to make an informed decision. I want to make that task easier for you. The thing here is that you should focus on getting the best swaddle blanket for your baby.

When you go out shopping for a swaddle blanket, it is important to look for the best because it is your baby at stake here. A wrong choice could make it difficult for your baby to sleep and cause other health complications. Nevertheless, this guide has been developed with you in mind to help you make the best decision for your baby.

For you to achieve this, I made an analysis of the top 5 things you should take into consideration.


A good swaddle blanket should be made from cotton fabrics because cotton is lightweight, gentle and soft. Others made of muslin, flannel and knitted wool are also perfect for your baby. The thing here is understanding the pros and cons of every material when buying.

Ease of Use

As a mother or caregiver, you will always have a lot of things to do. Therefore, getting a swaddle blanket that you can fold easily will help you in saving a lot of time.


A right size and shape will ensure that your baby is always comfortable. A very big swaddle blanket will not be comfortable for the baby and a very small one will not completely wrap the baby. Therefore the right size should be a big consideration.


There is no mum in this world who doesn’t want her baby to be comfortable. Nevertheless, a very expensive swaddle blanket does not imply that it offers the same value. On the other hand, mothers should restrain from buying the cheapest swaddle blankets. Go for a swaddle that has value for your money.


There are many types of swaddle blankets available and these include simple blankets to keep the baby on certain types of diapers.

The more traditional ones are small and square, and you have to bend and wrap around the child, while modern ones even have facilities that make it easy for you to wrap the baby.

Benefits of Using Swaddle Blanket

Many mothers prefer not to wrap their babies because they deem it unnecessary. However doctors and experts have for long been advocates of swaddling because they have several health benefits.

  • Swaddling can also help soothe and relax your little one. It helps them cry less and sleep better.
  • The biggest benefit of swaddling is that it prevents or reduces the risk of getting SIDS.
  • A swaddle blanket will prevent a baby from covering their face and head with beddings will help reduce the ability of the baby to flip on their stomachs.

As I noted earlier, finding a perfect swaddle blanket can be a hard task especially if you are a new mother. The market has so much to offer and you might also not be sure of which swaddle blanket your baby will love. There are some things that should be considered when making that decision such as breathability, fabric used, size of the swaddling blanket and many others.

I have done a hard job to compile a list of the top 5 swaddling blankets in the market today. This is a list of the top 5. Enjoy reading and make sure that you make the right decision. On this page, we will show you the best swaddle blankets to help your newborn feel comfortable and relaxed.

Aden and Anais Swaddle

An All-Year-Round Swaddle

I love these swaddles because the more you wash them the softer they become. They are all made up of 100 percent cotton muslin and are very soft the baby’s extra delicate skin.

They come equipped with a lovely stretch which makes it easy to warp and tuck your baby in. The fabric is breathable and perfect for regulating the amount of heat that gets into your baby. This feature makes them some of the best swaddles to use both in winter and summer.The blankets are adorned with cute prints, stylish design and are big enough to accommodate your baby as it grows bigger.

However, these blankets are a bit smaller when compared to other blankets on this review. Nevertheless, at 44″ by 44″, they are big enough for any baby to comfortably fit in. I have heard many parents and caregivers complain that it is very easy for the baby to break from free from the swaddle but this is strongly dependent on your swaddling technique.

These blankets are also very versatile. They can be used together with a stroller as a changing or nursing table. This blanket also makes an excellent tummy time blanket.


  • Help reduce the risk of overheating.
  • Gets softer the more you wash it.
  • ​Multi-use.
  • ​Stylish and cute prints.
  • 100% cotton muslin.


  • Baby can break free.
  • Smaller in size.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Muslin Blanket

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Muslin Blanke

Via Amazon

Best Swaddling Blanket for the Money

This blanket is unique in that it is made of 100 percent muslin and also comes in a pack of 3. The price is also considerably low when compared to other muslin blankets on its category.

Apart from just swaddling, these blankets can be sued in several other ways such as a nursing cover, burp cloth, and a tummy line on the floor. One more important thing is that these blankets are available in small, large and preemie sizes. However, it is also good to know that this blanket does not come Velcro holder, which makes it easy for the baby to free itself.

Nevertheless, this can be avoided by tucking the ends, thereby fastening the swaddle. Most swaddles with Velcro irate the baby so you understand why this one does not have. After you have mastered the technique, this no longer becomes a problem.

One more thing that interests me with this swaddle blanket is that it comes with the option of six colors to choose from


  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • 100% Cotton Muslin
  • ​Leg pouch opens for easier diaper changes
  • ​Multiuse: Burp cloth, nursing or playtime
  • Very affordable


  • Small size
  • Not as soft compared to competitors

Muslin Swaddle Blankets 2 Pack - Seben Baby

Muslin Swaddle Blankets 2 Pack - Seben Baby

Via Amazon

Best Large Swaddle Blanket

This is one of the lightest and breathable swaddle blankets for all seasons. These stylish blankets are designed for excellent air flow, which enables uninterrupted air flow regardless of the weather conditions. They will also efficiently keep your newborn cozy and warm during winter.

They can be used as nursing blankets, burp cloths, changing table cover or as stroller covers. Like many other swaddle blankets, they are made of 100 percent cotton muslin, which makes them safe and comfortable blankets to swaddle your baby in. They also come in an impressive size of 47” x 47.”There have been a few complaints that the prints can be improved upon. They are not as pretty as other muslin blanket brands. The cotton is also not as soft as its competitors, but parents report this improves with more washes.


  • 100% cotton muslin
  • Great Price
  • Lightweight and breathable blanket
  • ​Great year round
  • Multiple uses
  • Large size


  • They should improve on their painting designs
  • Not as soft compared to its competitors

Miracle Blanket 15799 Swaddle Review

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

Via Amazon

Best New Swaddle

This is one of the best blankets for a peaceful and happy baby. Many caregivers have witnessed that it is one of the few blankets that can extend your baby’s sleeping periods between meals. It has also been proven to prevent separation anxiety and nights movements. I guess this is perhaps where it gets its name “Miracle Blanket” from.

The reason many caregivers love this blanket is that it does not have a Velcro which scratches and wakens the baby. This can be very important especially during feeding or late night diaper changes.

One more thing with this blanket is that it is very easy to swaddle. There is no need for origami folding and this swaddle truly keeps wrapped tight and secure. The fabric is thin and during winter you may want to add a layer with warm pajamas.

The problem with this blanket is that it can only be sued for swaddling. It doesn’t come as a multipurpose use like many others on this list. It won’t also last you for many months. Let’s say until your baby can flip itself over the tummy. It should not be used after the 6 month of the baby.


  • Easy to use
  • No Velcro to scratch or wake baby
  • ​Triple patented design keeps baby secured
  • Helps ease a fussy baby


  • Just for 0 – 6 months
  • Thin fabric

The Woombie Original Swaddle Blanket - Bubblegum

The Woombie Original Swaddle Blanket- Bubblegum

Via Amazon

This is a new entrant to the market which has been designed to mimic a womb. This swaddle blanket is well tight, which is the whole point with swaddling. It can be used as a sleeping sack or a swaddle blanket.

​The woombie is designed in different verities, but the most important part is that you can zip it up around the baby and also snap the top in such a way that the baby can’t get out of it. This design is very important for several reasons.

  • It is very fool proof, meaning that you do not have to get any training on how to use the zipper.
  • The baby can’t get his hands out of the blanket but they have the freedom to hold them while inside it. This is opposed to pinning the arms which could be uncomfortable to the baby.
  • It can also be unzipped from the bottom which makes it easy to do middle night diaper changes with very little disturbance.

This swaddle blanket also comes with a version which included a Velcro wrap zipper for more snugness instead of having a pouch. Though the design seems to be tight, it is not that tight. What’s more, it does not come with extra material so it will not be unsafe for your baby.


  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Made of stretchy materials
  • Machine washable
  • ​Very comfy and breathable


  • Expensive


​The health and comfort of your baby should be your top most priority. You have to be precise with every action you will be taking. Swaddling itself comes with several health benefits and most pediatric doctors advise mothers to do it.

​However, you should also be very careful to ensure that you have bought the right swaddle blankets. If you are a new parent, the tips above should help you in making a right decision. You will have more knowledge on the swaddle blanket for your baby. Making the right decision will make it easy for you and your baby since you will not have to always attend to him.

After reading this long review, you might be wondering, which is the best swaddle blanket? Well, that can be a hard question to answer. Nevertheless, with such information it is a very simple one. From my own experience, the woombie is completely the winner in this category. I am saying this because this blanket is special in many ways when compared to the others.

For instance:

  • It is available in four sizes, which means that you will always get the right size for you.
  • Being stretchy also means that the swaddle blanket will accommodate the baby as it grows.
  • ​It is also made of 95 percent cotton which means that it is very breathable and comfy.
  • Being machine washable also this blanket also a deal breaker.
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